Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®

Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis® Contact Lenses offer both children and adults safe, FDA-approved vision correction for nearsightedness. CRT lenses are worn overnight and gently correct the shape of their cornea while they sleep. In the morning when the lenses are removed, patients experience crisp vision and the freedom to enjoy life without traditional glasses or daytime contacts. Paragon CRT® is designed for patients with normal corneas while Dual Axis® was created specifically for patients with astigmatism.

Parents and patients in over 50 countries trust Paragon CRT® for their safety and effectiveness. In addition to vision correction, CRT’s impact on quality of life – especially in children – is nothing short of life-changing. Clinical studies report that children wearing lenses like CRT have experienced improved self-esteem, enhanced social skills, and greater participation in sports. For adults with active lifestyles, Paragon CRT® is an ideal, non-surgical, vision correction option.

When asked about their experience, Paragon CRT wearers report that their expectations were met or exceeded 97.6% of the time.2

Conventional glasses and daytime contacts correct nearsightedness. However, Paragon CRT® delivers something extra… FREEDOM, overnight, along with an array of proven benefits that last a lifetime.

Ask your eye care professional about Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®. They don’t just change vision, they change lives.

In addition to iSee and Paragon CRT, GP Specialists offers additional designs and software for your doctor to design the lens specifically for your child.